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An Introductory Guide to Business


Beginning with an appraisal of the business idea and market analysis, and explaining the basics of finance, employing people, marketing, sales and customer service, and business support services, An Introductory Guide to Business equips the learner with the foundations on which to build a coherent business plan.

The book’s clear discussion of key concepts and principles illuminates a potentially daunting subject and makes it an ideal reference for those studying business modules as part of a vocational training programme, and for qualified professionals preparing to start out on their own.





Publisher:  EMS Publishing

Author(s): John Mann

ISBN-13: 9781903348222

Format: Paperback 258mm x 199mm

Pages: 110pp

Price: £18.00


Chapter list

  1. The business idea
  2. Types of business
  3. Employing people
  4. Health and safety
  5. Business finance
  6. Marketing, selling and customer service
  7. Business support services
  8. The business plan