Scandinavian Skincare Academy

Scandinavian Skincare Academy
The Cotswolds, England



Education is our Focus

The Scandinavian Skincare Academy is an ITEC recognised UK skincare school which offers full education and Fast Track courses. Our practical sessions are limited to four (4) or six (6) delegates per course as we offer a personal focus and attention.

We offer the purity of Scandinavian teaching techniques and a return to traditional etiquette-based service to students from all parts of the world. 

The Scandinavian Skincare Academy is located in the heart of the Cotswolds, which is one of the most beautiful locations in England and an officially designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

Broadway Village, the Cotswolds, UK

The Scandinavian Skincare Academy located is in Broadway, the Cotswolds. Broadway is one of the prettiest and ‘exclusive’ villages in England and filled with golden Cotswold stone houses dating back to the Middle Ages. Broadway is often referred to as the 'Jewel of the Cotswolds' and the 'Show Village of England' because of its sheer beauty and magnificence.    


Fast Track ITEC Courses      

Our unique Fast Track course options award both ITEC international diplomas and Scandinavian Skincare Academy diplomas up to Double-Bachelor Level 4. The courses will allow you to commence the study in your own country at home supported by e-learning for theory, preparation and practical work.

Our e-learning platform includes our own Intranet, Skype one-to-one’s with your own English-speaking Scandinavian tutor, web seminars, learning videos and more. After 18-20 weeks study at home you will come to our academy in Gloucestershire for 16-22 days to complete all of the practical study and for the examination.

You can also build on the study with our additional dermatological skincare courses for nurses and health personnel / beauty therapist to suit your individual needs. Should you have no prior experience in cosmetic skincare, we can offer an Advanced Skincare Level 2 course.

Courses run on a monthly basis.

Financing is available for all courses.

Accommodation can be arranged for all courses.

We also manage our own web recruitment portal at can help to get you started. 



The academy offers ITEC courses from the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QFC) managed by OfQual and the academy is approved by ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) in the UK, reference #Z14842.


Our Most Popular Courses

  • Cosmetic Skincare for Nurses and Doctors - Double-Bachelor Level 4 Education
  • Cosmetic Skincare for Aesthetic Therapists - Double-Bachelor Level 4
  • Laser Specialist / IPL - Double-Bachelor Level 4
  • Cosmetic Skincare Dermabration / Microneedeling / Nano needeling / Chemical Peel - Advanced Aesthetic Level 3
  • Mesolift / Skin-boosting - Advanced Aesthetic Level 4 Scandinavian Skincare Academy diploma
  • Dermal Filler – basic, masterclasess & full education - Scandinavian Skincare Academy diploma
  • Botox – basic / masterclasess – Scandinavian Skincare Academy diploma
  • Liquid Facelifts - basic / masterclasess – Scandinavian Skincare Academy diploma


Special Course Offer for Nurses  

Cosmetic Nurse Diploma Education with International Certification

Bachelor Level 4

Skin-booster / Mesolift / Dermal Filler

Held at the Scandinavian Skincare Academy in the Cotswolds, UK

Instructor: Dr. Tim Eldridge


Medical / Nurses
Skincare Therapist
Clinic Management


Student Funding 

Our UK Academy in the Cotswolds is registered with the UK Government's Register of Learning Providers and the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) with UKPRN# 10066074 for the application of student's further learning support and loans. (See details)

ITEC Centre Reference: Z14842 

Our Norwegian School




Vi tilbyr fulltid studier med ITEC / international godkjenning av det offentlige i UK. Vi følger også de Norske programfagene VG2 og VG3 i henhold til Kunnskapsløftet (disse studiene er fulltid). Teori e-learning i Scandinavia og praksis i England. Bomuligheter kan organiseres av skolen. Les mer


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