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Spa & Body Therapy

The Art and Science of Spa & Body Therapy


At the core of this comprehensive guide to face and body therapies are detailed discussions of specialist spa services including heat and water treatments, body masks and wraps, and Swedish massage. In addition to the thorough chapters on these key topics, The Art and Science of Spa & Body Therapy contains indispensable sections on body analysis, electrical treatments and professional standards in the spa and salon environment.

Essential facts, checklists, key points and learning objectives help students retain information for assessment, while attractive photographs and clear diagrams illuminate each therapy and clarify complex procedures.

Mapping to the UK National Occupational Standards at Level 3 for spa and body electrical treatments, and coming with a wealth of free online resources, The Art and Science of Spa & Body Therapy is an inspirational textbook for those embarking on careers in the vibrant international spa industry.









Publisher:  EMS Publishing

Author(s): Jane Foulston

ISBN-13: 9781903348123

Format: Paperback 258mm x 199mm

Pages: 236pp

Price: £26.00


Chapter list

  1. Being professional
  2. Body analysis
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Tanning
  5. Heat treatments
  6. Spas
  7. Hydrotherapy
  8. Body masks and wraps
  9. Massage techniques
  10. The science of electrical treatments