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Intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions are a method of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Vitamin injections boost energy levels and the immune system, as well as helping with stress, jet-lag, sleep problems, skin, and hair loss. Suitable for beginners 1 Day

Time & Location

Cotswolds, Cotswolds, UK


Diplomas & Qualifications:

  • Scandinavian Skincare Adademy; IV Vitamin Infusion Education


Marianne Olavesen-Stabb (Trainer)

Sherelyn Carino (Trainer, Specialist Aesthetic Nurse & BHRT Specialist)

Neil Donnell (Trainer & Specialist Aesthetic Nurse)


  • Evolution of nutritional IV infusion
  • History of IV Vitamin C infusion
  • The ground-breaking benefits of Vitamin C; infections, hormone balance and cancer treatment support
  • The ground-breaking benefits of Vitamin B infusion
  • Safety measures; side effects, contraindications, precautions, infection control and ABC protocols.
  • Osmolarity calculation
  • Diagnostic & evaluation teasting requirements.
  • Infection control
  • IV insertion 'tips & tricks' and IM administration
  • Preparation and equipment / supplies
  • Mentor-led demonstrations
  • Live, one-to-one training under observation
  • Mentor after education
  • IV C & IM B protocols for anti-aging, impoved wellbeing, detox and immune system
  • Treatment specific ingredients and protocols for IV and fat reduction
  • L-Carnitine for IV 
  • Before & aftercare
  • Live Q & A

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