Our Sister Academy in Norway

Scandinavian Skincare Academy is part of a group of companies with the sister academy 'Vestfold Hudakademi AS' in Sandefjord,

which is now the largest and most successful aesthetic skincare academy in Norway.

Vestfold Hudakademi is also the only aesthetic skincare academy to be approved by the Norwegian Government, with

arrangements with NAV (Norway’s employment support division) and with Lånekasse (the official state funding agency).

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Located south of Oslo, Sandefjord is a modern yet charming seaside town with a coastline that is almost 150 kilometres long. Its large forests, sandy beaches and fjords offer scope for relaxation all year-round.

The Vikings lived in the area around the Oslofjord 1,000 years ago, and in Sandefjord their presence is clearly seen in the artifacts and monuments they left behind. This is where the famous Gokstad ship was found, and the area has several other historical sites and landmarks from the Viking era.